Friday, February 7, 2014

Customers Care About Energy Efficiency – Make Sure They Know About Your Commitment!


Last month we wrote about how energy efficient businesses can trim costs from the bottom line while also benefiting their customers.   For additional information, see The U.S. Small Business Administration’s energy saving guidelines. This is a great resource offers tools to help you calculate your business’ energy savings, efficiency upgrade information and sustainable business practices. 

This month we are looking at the ways a business can share information about a commitment and strengthen their relationship with their community and customers. 

Share Your Commitment to Energy Efficiency with Your Customers

Once your business has made energy efficiency upgrades, be sure that you are clear on your objectives and the measureable results. Then communicate your energy savings, new efficiencies and environmental commitment to your customers. A recent study showed that 72% of consumers would recommend a business or a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t. As they say, don’t hide your light under a bushel. Let customers know that you actually “walk the walk” by sharing your commitment with the following ideas.

  • Create a “green” mission statement for your business and share it with customers, suppliers, vendors and the community. Share your story in an honest and direct way. Include the statement on your business’ website and with a link on e-mails.

  • Create a printed version of the mission statement and display it in the business where customers will see it. If your business distributes printed materials, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by printing in a manner that’s not environmentally friendly. You will sabotage your message and lose credibility if you are sharing your “green” message via wasteful media and packaging. 
  • Use Social Media to engage with your customers while sharing information about environmental causes. Continue to report back on the results of your conservation efforts and efficiencies.This will create a dialog and enhance the identity and profile of your business.

  • “Give something back” by aligning your business with a worthwhile organization that raises money and awareness for a cause that you want to support.  If you choose to support environmental issues, consider creating engagement activities that raises funds for a specific cause while also strengthening your relationship with your customers. A combination of fundraising and participatory events could be scheduled for Earth Day on April 22 or Clean Up the World Weekend on September 19. Events focused around environmental actions can attract members of the community, raise funds and awareness for important causes while also placing your business at the center of the action. It’s something to think about!