Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Energy Efficiency and Savings? Yes, There’s an App for That!

Is there an app for that? These days it seems that whatever you need, someone has already created an app for that specific purpose. When it comes to saving energy and concerns over our carbon footprints, there are a variety of apps to consider. The Energy Experts are here to shed some light on a few of the more popular energy saving apps that are currently on the market.

         CodeGreen Energy App is an app that enables real estate professionals, property owners, tenants and brokers, to view and analyze Energy Star® scores for thousands of buildings. Energy Star® information can now be easily accessed from your smartphone. Disclosure requirements in many cities (New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin) have focused attention on the importance of higher energy efficiency scores. This app makes it easy to see if a building is compliant with new energy efficiency laws and to check compliance deadlines. Buildings are scored within comparison groups that are categorized by size, age and building type.
This app is designed by CodeGreen Solutions, Inc. It is available for both iPhone and iPad and can be purchased through iTunes.
LightBulbFinder is a free mobile app that makes it easy to switch from energy hogging conventional light bulbs to new energy saving lights. This app helps consumers find just the right style, fit and lighting quality when replacing light bulbs.
This app is designed Eco Hatchery, a sustainability software firm that supports community energy efficiency programs for both private and public organizations. The app is available for iOS and Android and is free of charge. Click here to download this app. 
Wiser Home is an app that helps home owners understand their energy usage. You can use this app to track information on thermostat settings, solar power and overall energy usage. Better yet, you can even link this usage information to your household budget. You can set energy savings goals for your household, then track your progress and compare the information to previous energy costs. If you are really environmentally committed, you can even shift your energy usage away from peak time service to help electricity providers improve grid efficiency and network reliability.
Wiser Home was created by Schneider Electric USA, Inc. and is available through iTunes
       Green Outlet is an app that adds up your household’s carbon footprint. You can select the appliances that you use and enter the number of daily usage hours to get a prediction of your monthly electrical bill. This app will send you an alert when you have exceeded the United States guidelines for recommended carbon usage. Then it’s time to go on an energy diet!
Green Outlet is an app created by Key Lime 314, LLC. Green Outlet is available at iTunes

To App or Not to App?

The Energy Experts aren’t necessarily recommending any of these described smartphone apps, but they always like to share energy savings information in all its various forms. Some people love apps and find that they are very helpful. Other consumers can’t deal with one more gadget, time spent on digital directions or downloads. Wherever you stand on the app issue, The Energy Experts continue to recommend the importance of an energy audit conducted by a professional.