Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Banish Vampires and Save Electricity with Advanced Power Strips

These days, even the average home seems to have multiple televisions and several computers. Some of those computers are probably dedicated to specific functions. There might be a computer in the kitchen devoted to checking e-mail. There’s probably another one with a gaming console attached. Or perhaps there are two, just to keep the peace between your kids. Then add some over-sized external monitors and don’t forget the printer and scanner. That's a lot of devices and a lot of electricity. 

Beware of Vampires

All of these devices help us stay productive, efficient, connected, informed and entertained, but a problem is it that they continue to drain electrical energy even when they are turned off. As long as these devices are still plugged into an AC receptacle, they use standby power. This energy wasting process is known as phantom load or often called vampire loads.
The Energy Experts want to remind you that if you add up the electrical usage for all of these consumer electronics devices, it can easily add up to 10% of your monthly bill. In fact, it’s been estimated that vampire loads cost the average consumer about $200 per year. That is enough wasted energy to power 11,000,000 homes in the United States.

Have You Tried an Advanced Power Strip?

There is an easy and low cost solution to your home’s vampire problem. It’s called an advanced power strip. Most of us use power strips around our homes because of the convenience, but advanced power strips can actually reduce wasted electricity when devices are idle. Advanced power strips are designed primarily for home offices and home entertainment centers and save wasted electricity by preventing electronics from drawing power when not in use. Here’s a list of the types of advanced power strips currently on the market:
  • Timer Power Strip: Automatically turns off outlets based on a pre-set schedule.
  • Activity Monitor Power Strip: Detects signs of activity in the room. If no activity is identified, the power strip turns off outlets.
  • Remote Switch Power Strip: User can remoted turn off power strip.
  • Master-Controlled Power Strip: When users turns off primary device such as a computer or television, this power strip automatically turns off outlets where peripheral devices are plugged in.
  • Masterless Power Strip: When all controlled devices are turned off, this power strip turns off the power to the outlet completely. This eliminates all vampire loads.

The Energy Experts

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