Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality means effectively eliminating sources of contaminates and pollutants at the source. Proper ventilation is also essential because it aids in the amount of clean outdoor air, eliminates pollutants and minimizes the build-up of moisture. To maintain healthy indoor air quality, follow these general tips to keep your homes air clean and crisp.

Proper Ventilation

. When the weather permits, open windows and doors and allow the fresh air to circulate through your home. Just be mindful of possible allergens during the spring and fall.

. Ensure all air filters are changed regularly and remain free of debris.

. All fuel burning furnaces, heaters, fireplaces, exhaust fans and all applications are vented to the outside and away from windows and HVAC intakes. 

Reduce Chemical Pollutants

. Eliminate the use of harsh cleaning products, solvent-based cleaners and cleaners with strong fragrances.

. Invest in low-emitting products that are third-party certified and have labels from highly reputable companies like Green Seal. Other warnings include manufacturer claims like “natural” or “alternative”.

. Activities that should be done outside include painting, sanding or rock polishing, paint stripping, gluing and more. These activities have a tendency to produce high levels of pollution and can be harmful to your health.

Regulate Moisture

. Using dehumidifiers will help regulate the levels of humidity throughout your home. Humidity levels less than 60 percent will keep your home dry and avoid moisture build up.

. Have a home inspector detect any leaks and repair promptly.

. Turn on exhaust fans while showering.

. Indoor house plants can greatly improve indoor air quality because they filter carbon dioxide. However, avoid over watering as that can result in mold growth.

Home Hygiene

. Wash bedding, sheets, pillows and comforters weekly to eliminate allergens and dust mites.

. Only use high efficiency particulate (HEPA) vacuum cleaners with disposable bags and microfiber cloths for surface dust removal.

. Share out mats and rugs regularly to reduce allergens and dust mites from accumulating.

To improve and maintain the quality of your indoor air, check in each month with the energy experts of Pro Energy Consultants to learn more helpful and useful home energy saving tips.